Analyzing the Slot Game, “Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels”

Red Tiger Gaming’s 2016 slot game Gems Gone Wild was vastly undervalued, but its successor, Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels, is a sparkling interstellar adventure. Powered by their new Power Reels gaming engine, this medium-volatility slot game will have you traveling through space in search of sparkling jewels to match and win the game’s jackpot.

In-depth information on Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels can be found in our comprehensive review.

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It is common practice for slot machines to only tally wins when the winning combination begins on the very first reel. In contrast, the Power Reels gaming engine utilized in this version of Gems Gone Wild will award a player with a payout for a winning combination that occurs on any part of the game’s paylines.


This implies that, unlike other games, in Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels, a winning combination of three matching symbols can appear anywhere on the reels (reels 4, 5, or 6), not just on reels 1, 2, or 3. This significantly improves your hit rate in comparison to other slot games of a similar quality, despite its calculated RTP of ‘just’ 95.68 percent.


You may set Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels to automatically spin within certain parameters, just like in previous games from Red Tiger Gaming. The amount wagered each spin, the number of spins (up to 100) to play automatically, and a “loss limit” that triggers the autoplay’s end may all be customized.

What are the game’s features in Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels?


The name “Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels” hints that this slot game is similar to Red Tiger’s other Power Reels-powered games. The enormous 8-by-6-foot play area stands out the most. However, we’ll go over the game’s other two distinct features below.


Restricted Areas

Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the board in this game. If they do touch down, they will stay put until you give them another spin. If another wild symbol appears while a locked wild is active, all wilds remain locked for the subsequent spin. If you’re lucky, this may be the beginning of a series of wilds that spreads across the entire playing field.


Extremely Wild

Super Wilds aren’t anything out of the ordinary; when they land, they expand over two or three cells like a wild symbol. If you are lucky enough to have one land on your grid, it will function the same as a regular Locked Wild.


Audio, Visual, and Thematic Jewels The background of Gone Wild: Power Reels is the depths of space, and in the foreground, a grid of floating jewels awaits your manipulation. Even if the animations aren’t anything special, the graphics and soundtrack are both quite nicely done, thus the game is still entertaining to play.


The Condensed Version of Our Review of the Power Reels

We are grateful to Red Tiger Gaming for developing this improved sequel to Gems Gone Wild despite the fact that the initial game was not as successful as we thought it would be. As a follow-up, Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels improves upon the original without sacrificing any of the game’s innate appeal.


Power Reels’ engine is renowned for its high success rate.

A huge 8 by 6 foot playground

Locked and Super Wilds kick up huge chain reactions.


Poor Return on Investment Less impressive animations are available.

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